How to keep the male hormone of happiness – testosterone

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How to keep the male hormone of happiness – testosterone

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Testosterone is considered the main hormone, which is responsible for the manifestation of the masculine nature. Thanks to him, boys become like their dads impressive genitals and the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics. Testosterone is a male hormone of happiness.

Testosterone “razrulivaet” sexual processes, determines the saturation of the attraction to the opposite sex and the intensity of orgasm. It is worth running out of the male hormone of happiness and hello midlife crisis, mood swings and a terrible “depressu”. From yesterday’s strong, self-confident man, his pitiful resemblance remains. Before us – a lazy, touchy, indifferent subject on the couch, little that is capable of moving to the marriage bed.

Male for 30 years

Stocks of testosterone in the body are not unlimited. Starting from 20-25 years of testosterone in the male body is less, which means it is time to resort to the experience of 45-year-olds (and older) men in developed Europe. Every three months – by stabbing testosterone to “both life is good and live well”: potency is normal and well-being – as it should.

Listening to yourself

How much testosterone is needed for a specific man for complete happiness? This is determined through analysis, laboratory studies. Or easier – listening to yourself. There was a feeling of depression, from nowhere, came apathy, lost sexual desire and mood “at zero”? Do not hesitate to visit a doctor!

A competent specialist will certainly listen to you. He will ask if there is a lot of alcohol on your soul during the holidays, weekends and just “on the occasion.” How many cigarettes “leave” from the moment of awakening and before going to bed. Whether stress is frequent, how lively the lifestyle is, whether there have been any diseases of the genitourinary sphere. Only after clarifying the situation is the decision made to increase testosterone by artificial means. An overabundance of a male hormone can lead to loss of potency and even infertility, so self-medication is fraught.

Be in shape!

The natural way

Increase testosterone in the body can be natural. Get enough sleep – not only on weekends, but also on weekdays; chronic lack of sleep – the worst enemy of male potency. Be out in the fresh air. Eat right, giving preference to beef and eggs, sea fish and nuts, fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils. Be engaged in physical education – at least half an hour three times a week. Remember that you are a man, and no troubles will deprive you of the right to remain with them. And, of course, do not forget that the reserves of testosterone in the body are not unlimited.

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