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Sex and age, according to sociologists, at the age of fifty years of sexual life acquires a new quality. Relations between partners acquire a new color, become more harmonious. But it is worth remembering that the recipe for full-fledged sex after 50 years is the rejection of very popular misconceptions and myths in this regard.

There is an opinion that the more successes in our career we will achieve with age, the better our sex life will become. This is partly true. Money allows to look more effective (to dress in expensive and beautiful clothes, to visit salons, fitness clubs), to live in the big apartment. Success gives self-confidence. But on the other hand, a person more often engaged in a career stops being in need of sex.

After 50 years there is no such need for sex, as in youth?

Sex and age for many people are a problem. A common opinion is that people over 50 have lost the need to have sex. This is not true. A healthy sexual life is capable of beneficially influencing all aspects of existence. The need for sex does not go away with age. Many people have sexual fantasies appear even at the age of eighty. Sexual life after fifty years is able to bring pleasure and satisfaction. You can keep the ability to have sex in adulthood, because, in fact, it depends not so much on our physical potential as on the level of consciousness. With age, sex can become better – like a good wine. It is important to treat your partner with increased attention, to make variety in sexual customary rituals.

Is an aged woman already non-sexual?

Women after 50 do not compare themselves with young girls with perfect bodies. It absolutely does not make sense. It is important by the principle of “here and now” to live in harmony with yourself and your body, not to allow complexes to take possession of you. If you have a loving person next to you, then neither the amount of wrinkles nor your age for your sex life will have any effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of sex after 50 years

One of the main advantages of sex after 50 years is that at this age, a woman clearly understands what exactly she wants from a partner, so she behaves more liberated in bed than in her youth.

In addition, most women in the 50-53 age group have a menopause, which makes it impossible to think about the need for taking birth control pills, the use of condoms, spirals and other methods of contraception. It is for this reason that sex in 50 years can be spontaneous, unplanned, which gives both partners great pleasure.

Sex after 50 is a great pleasure

Nevertheless, a woman of this age should be ready for some unpleasant moments. First of all, this refers to the fact that the age-related changes in the body are the reason for blunting the acuteness of sensations, so the sexual act often no longer delivers such vivid emotions as it once was.

It should be borne in mind that with age, the vagina loses its elasticity and elasticity, and the bartholin glands responsible for the release of the lubricant are no longer as effective. In order to protect themselves from discomfort caused by insufficient moisture of the vagina, experts advise to use special vaginal moisturizing gels, which, among other things, significantly increase the sensitivity of the erogenous zones of the vagina.

Yes, of course, at 50 years of sex is no longer as stormy and active as before, and it is proved that women at this age are much more important prelude, and not the sexual act itself. Those representatives of the fair sex, whose partners devote sufficient time and heightened attention to preliminary sexual caresses, admit that making love gives them the same, if not more, pleasure, as 15-20 years ago.

Confess your love partner

Experts recommend not to give up at this age from delicate luxurious underwear, silk sheets, candle light dinner and quiet quiet music, as well as from various aphrodisiacs. All this helps to significantly increase the acuteness of sensations, which, however, are calmer and milder than in youth, but not less saturated.

Sex and age are not only compatible, but also harmoniously complement each other. Numerous studies devoted to this topic have shown that intensive sexual life has a beneficial effect on the general health of a woman over 50 years of age. In addition, regular sex work helps to cope with various problems that arise after the onset of menopause, primarily associated with a change in the hormonal background.