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Sex – revelations 30+

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Sexual pleasure is one of the strongest emotions a person can experience. However, with age, we lose the ability to enjoy an intimate life the way it was in our youth. How to return this pleasure to your life?

Age “30+” – the time when teenage ineptness and erotic fantasies are replaced by sexual experience. You have time to feel the sweetness of orgasm, hear the desires of your own body and learn dialogue with your partner. However, not all so simple.

Constant stress, a saturated rhythm of life and office work exhaust the body. The issue of sex is gradually going to second place. And not only for married couples who have been married for a long time, but also for those who are still in free relations.

Reduced sexual desire in men

A man who has faced the problem of reducing libido, I am sure that it is better to keep silent about it. According to statistics, this is hushed up by 43% of men. However, a decrease in sexual desire is not synonymous with impotence. In this case, doctors use a completely different term – erectile dysfunction. In Ukraine, it affects about 52% of men. The cause may be a side effect of certain drugs, prolonged sexual abstinence and frequent stress.


The second perspective of the problem is that erectile dysfunction affects pleasure. And even despite the presence of sex, intimacy does not bring such pleasure. In intimate minutes irritability, drowsiness, indifference and other unpleasant sensations begin to interfere. At a time when the man most in the world want to experience the joy of passion and enjoy a natural orgasm.


The causes of sexual dysfunctions are most often psycho-emotional overloads, frequent stressful situations, a significant deterioration in the ecological situation, as well as a decrease in the tone of the body of the man as a whole.

In addition to moral recovery in this situation, it is necessary to act with the help of special medicines. It is important that they at the same time contain vitamins and microelements, normalizing the hormonal background. It is the restoration of the hormonal balance that will help restore the libido to the old norm and start enjoying sex with renewed vigor.

The output is found – erectal 50

Phytopreparation Erectal-50 refers specifically to such drugs. Due to the combination of ikarien and zinc, it significantly increases the factors of local immune defense in the prostate and urethra, which contributes to the prevention of prostatitis and adenoma. And this is quite understandable from a medical point of view.

Zinc is an important intracellular microelement that takes an active part in the physiology of the male reproductive system. The action of Icarius consists in the expansion of the blood vessels of the penis during sexual arousal. As a result, blood flow increases in the penis, which contributes to a normal erection. After taking the Icaryn, patients can choose the most appropriate time for intimacy within 24 hours.

Female problems with sex

The hormonal background of a woman is much more complicated, and, hence, her ability to enjoy sex too. Moreover, she feels the joy of orgasm not only on the physiological, but also on the psychological level. It’s no secret that the psychological mood for a woman at the time of intimacy is much more important than for men. Psychological factors that inhibit the occurrence of orgasm in women are many. This may be due to the fear of getting pregnant, getting a sexually transmitted disease, being rejected by a sex partner and many other reasons.

Female Sexual Disorders

That’s why it is more difficult for a woman to really relax in bed and start experiencing an orgasm full of her power. Even if she is crazy about her partner. And if up to the age of 20 the impression of carelessness is still positively affected, by the age of 30 a whole bunch of physiological and psychological obstacles on the way to pleasure begins to accumulate.

The lowering of the “inclination” on the part of the partner is subconsciously transmitted to the woman. No longer feeling “welcome”, she involuntarily loses the ability to sexual arousal with this partner. Without this, it is impossible to achieve an adequate “female erection” – filling the blood of external and internal female genital organs.

In addition to psychological attraction, when a woman does not feel “welcome”, the quality of orgasm directly depends on the age and of course the woman’s health. After 35 years, it decreases every year due to “age” changes in the female genitourinary system.

Let’s add to this that after 35 years a woman’s sensations of orgasm decrease. This is due to a decrease in the body estradiol – the main hormone of female youth and health. This hormone also determines female libido.

But, unfortunately, few women and men think about how good sex, women’s orgasm and women’s health are related to each other.

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