Sex with consequences 3

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Sex with consequences 3

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If you and your husband have been trying to conceive a child for a long time, but the test is not happy for the time being with the coveted two strips, it is possible that hidden sexual infections are to blame.

  • What is the danger?
  • Hidden sexual infections and conception
  • Hidden Sexual Infections

Sexual infections are sexually transmitted and cured, finding them at an early stage is simple enough. But there are also such venereal diseases that occur almost asymptomatically and to detect them even for doctors is problematic. The reason is that such infections “settle” on the inner walls of the genital organs. Therefore, neither a smear, nor other traditional methods can not detect them. The task is further complicated by the fact that immunity to sexual infections is almost not produced, since antibodies inside the organs can not be penetrated, as a result of which an immunodeficiency is formed in a person.

The most common sexual infections

Usually in the latent form there are such infections as mycoplasmosis, genital herpes, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, trichomoniasis, gonococcus, toxoplasmosis, candidiasis, gardnerellez, human papillomavirus. The main problem is that in the early stages of the symptoms, these infections are almost not observed and therefore it is very difficult to detect and cure them in a mild form.

Latent sexual infections are transmitted

Hidden sexual infections are transmitted not only through sexual intercourse

Unfortunately, latent sexual infections are transmitted not only sexually, but also everyday. For example, in the pool, you can easily pick up a similar virus.

Development of the disease

Infection affects the organs of a woman from the point of getting up. That is, first suffer from the vagina and cervix, then gradually the infection spreads to the uterus itself and the appendages, the genitourinary system and, finally, infects the entire body. That is, you can get sick for a variety of ailments, at first glance, not connected with the sexual organs. For example, suddenly about itself will let know and a stomach ulcer, a stomatitis, a conjunctivitis, every possible inflammatory processes. But the latent sexual infections are affected not only by women, but also by strong sex. Therefore, if someone in your couple have found such an infection, both will have to be treated. Moreover, against some sexual infections even after treatment – immunity does not arise at all, that is, the risk of again stepping on the same rake exists the same. The most dangerous consequence of latent sexual infections is infertility in both men and women.

  • Infertility
  • The most dangerous consequence is infertility
  • Treatment and Diagnosis

Treatment of latent sexual infections are not only involved in gynecology. This problem also affected urology, perinatology, obstetrics. The main methods that will help detect infections are methods of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or DNA hybridization (DNA). The problem may be that not all clinics use them, so you have to go to a specialized institution. If the ailment was found in time, the doctor will prescribe you a comprehensive treatment with antibacterial drugs that are struggling with the hidden forms of such infections. Moreover, antibiotics can be powerless in this case. Infection can also be destroyed by laser therapy, ultrasound treatment, etc. To protect themselves from such trouble, timely preventive examinations are carried out. This will increase the chances of finding the disease at an early stage and therefore the treatment will be successful.

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