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A lot of people around the world are interested in the problem: what elements of sexual life can cause a woman’s erection. What is the difference in this respect between a woman and her male partner? In this regard, experienced sexologists prepared their own versions and, in particular, confirmed the theory that three-quarters of women are not allowed to be excited under the influence of visual stimuli, as happens with most men.

How a woman’s body changes her erection

Each woman has its own specific area that covers the clitoris and runs down the sides of the labia to the perineum. These sites consist of a spongy tissue, which under the influence of excitation is filled with blood and literally swells – like the penis in men.

What a woman needs

The last thing your partner needs is visual stimuli. Ladies in the greater part prefer to perceive hints. Actually, this is where their enormous need for a romantic manifestation of mutual relations comes from. The woman is more poetic and soft, the woman, like no other, needs a prelude. By this word they understand:

  1. stroking;
  2. touch;
  3. affection;
  4. stimulation of the whole female body;
  5. close physical contact;
  6. all sorts of love games, without which women can not do.

But for a significant number of men, it also becomes very important.

Do I need to strain a woman during sex?

In the late stages of the flow of excitation, it is necessary to strain the corresponding muscles of the body. This is very important, although it contradicts the myth that a woman who wants to enjoy the act simply simply relax. No doubt, psychologically she needs to feel herself in a relaxed state, to have confidence, is in a state of tranquility, but her body must react in a polar way. Individual women who know a lot about sex are so able to stretch their body, the zone of the genitals, that they can bring themselves to orgasm, even without contact.

Love rash, as a manifestation of sensuality

At the peak of excitement, seventy percent of women may have a so-called love rash. It is a fast enough red spots on the chest, which are associated with an increased tide of blood.

Helpful advice

Be attentive to your partner, try to feel it, and then in some way a standard intimate act, can become a vivid manifestation of a joint orgasm – both female and male.